Friday, January 24, 2014

The Wild Bogs of Ireland

Nuala Madigan (Education Officer Irish Peatland Conservation Council)will give a talk entitled The Wild Bogs of Ireland at 8pm at the Spirit Store, Dundalk, Dundalk Docks. Boglands are one of Ireland's wild landscapes. They are thousands of years old often being described as living history books and are home to a great diversity of wildlife. This talk will explore peatlands from their formation through to their modern uses and threats with particular attention to the diversity of species they support, including birds. Entry is free and all are welcome!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Peter Phillips - Birding from Cape to Tory

Well known Louth birder Peter Phillips will give a talk entitled "Scarce and Rare Birds From Tory To Cape" Peter has been visiting both Tory Island off Donegal and Cape Clear Island off west Cork, arguably Irelands two hottest birding spots, for the last 15 odd years. The talk is an account of what he found over this time - it will also describe practical aspects of visiting the islands Upstairs FREE 8pm All are welcome!