Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birds of Prey of Ireland, an illustrated talk by Eric Dempsey

Eric Dempsey of Mooney Goes Wild will give an illustrated account of all of the Birds of Prey of Ireland, eagles, falcons, hawks, harriers, kites and owls at the Spirit Store (upstairs) at 8pm on Mon 7th December Spirit Store. Eric is a very entertaining and knowledgeable speaker as well as a spectacular wildlife photographer.

He has authored several books and articles including "The Complete Guide to Ireland's Birds", "Where To Find Birds In Ireland" and "Birdwatching in Ireland". Eric will be available for book signing so this might be an opportunity to get Christmas present of a signed edition of one of his books for a birdwatching friend or family member.

This highly recommended talk is suitable for all levels and will end at 9pm.

Entry is free and all are welcome!


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